Local Boston Designers Recognized by Smithsonian

Being a native Massachusetts girl and a graphic design student at Northeastern, I am always excited to hear about different opportunities in the design world that pop up around the historical city of Boston. Just the other day I came across an interesting article from Boston.com, which announced that the Smithsonian recently awarded three local MA designers for their recent and lifelong achievements in typography, interactive and product design. One designer, Matthew Carter, received the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Lifetime Achievement Award, a prestigious award recognizing him for his years of work on numerous typefaces for Microsoft, Yale University, and the Boston Globe. Additionally, the Boston.com article features a short interview with designer Gianfranco Zaccai who says he believes Americans are becoming more design-savvy and excelling in the design world. He states, “We live in a much more global and connected world…. and I think a lot of it is due to some design companies communicating to people more”. Needless to say, this recent recognition of local designers certainly makes me excited to see what other opportunities lie within our beloved city!