New Scanning Stations in Snell

Snell is happy to announce that the new scanning stations are here, with five stations fully installed, one on each floor of the library. Now that they are up and running, here are some guidelines for how to get the most out of the new additions: Anyone, Northeastern University affiliated or not, can do the following: 1. Scan a document and email it to themselves 2. Scan a document and save it directly to a flash drive 3. Scan a document and upload it to a Google Docs Account (if they have one already) So don’t forget to take advantage of these new scanning stations the next time you visit Snell and stay green! For more information, please contact Lesley Milner at

1 thought on “New Scanning Stations in Snell”

  1. In the basement, the scanner is located in the Archives. On the first floor it is located next to the Hub. On the 2nd third and fourth floors the scanners are located directly in front of the stairwells.

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