LibX Available for Firefox 5.0

Once again, Firefox has been updated, and Northeastern’s LibX for the library, the browser plugin that lets you drag and drop searches, right-click to log in to an ejournal, and find citations in our collections, is now compatible with it. If you haven’t upgraded to Firefox 5, your upgrade should automatically include the new LibX edition for Northeastern. If you’ve already upgraded and you don’t have the plugin, go to our LibX page to get links and information to install the latest edition. If you don’t know what Northeastern’s LibX plugin is, or what it can do, see our earlier post with information and examples.

1 thought on “LibX Available for Firefox 5.0”

  1. I was wondering how long it would take. Thanks for the prompt work, Karen. There is also a LibX for Chrome that you(r team) might want to look into.

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