Scanning Stations Now Stand Alone

So long, photocopiers!

A quick photocopy-ing update: The old Conway-brand stand-alone photocopiers are gone!* 聽Now the new scanning stations can take center stage. Please let us know at the Circulation desk on the first floor if you need any help getting going, but the scanners are easy to use, and free! *(On the third and fourth floor, there will still be one machine each that can accept ONLY your remaining “Conway Card” value through the fall term, but otherwise we’re moving completely to the聽paperless new scanners.)

2 thoughts on “Scanning Stations Now Stand Alone”

  1. There needs to be a caption contest for this picture!
    Some thoughts:

    “I told you from the beginning that marketing plan was garbage”

    “I don’t know–the folks from Roswell said a baseball bat would do the trick.”

    “Nope, I don’t think this is going to get you out of the Alex Rodriguez contract.”

  2. Love your choice of photo, Tom. 馃檪 As far as a caption, I think the original line from earlier in Office Space says it best: ” ‘PC Load Letter’? What the f*** does that mean?”

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