When 10,000 librarians come to town

This past weekend, the American Library Association held its midwinter meeting here in Boston. Many of us at the NU Libraries took advantage of being here in the host city, and we’ve been meeting with colleagues, visiting publisher exhibits, meeting with technology vendors, listening to speakers, and attending workshops. Several librarians here at Snell serve on national committees. Regardless of how active we are, it’s always enlightening to step back and try to see our work from the perspective of the library profession. Going to ALA always makes me think of the library as something larger than the sum of all the tasks that take up my time on a daily basis.  I get a chance to think about the implications of what I’m doing, where my priorities are and should be, and what I can learn from other librarians who have gone ahead of me. For me, there were two special highlights from this conference: a great workshop on providing services to users with mobile devices like smartphones (view the slides here), and a reunion with a longtime friend and former mentor.  All in all, the ALA Midwinter meeting fulfilled its purpose: professional renewal through learning and conversation!


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