New Scanning Stations in Snell

Snell is happy to announce that the new scanning stations are here, with five stations fully installed, one on each floor of the library. Now that they are up and running, here are some guidelines for how to get the most out of the new additions: Anyone, Northeastern University affiliated or not, can do the following: 1. Scan a document and email it to themselves 2. Scan a document and save it directly to a flash drive 3. Scan a document and upload it to a Google Docs Account (if they have one already) So don’t forget to take advantage of these new scanning stations the next time you visit Snell and stay green! For more information, please contact Lesley Milner at

New Reproductive Technology in the Library

Scanner in Snell Lobby My student assistant was wondering if that thing in the lobby of Snell Library was perhaps some kind of medical device? Well, close, but it does have to do with reproduction! It’s actually an overhead scanner called a Book2Net Kiosk which we are testing out this week, to see what we think about expanding scanning options in the library. If you haven’t noticed, our photocopiers are aging, and we’re wondering what to do about replacing them. Does everyone who uses them really need paper? Would a .pdf or .jpg file do as well? Are the Infocommons scanners adequate and convenient? For myself, I feel that sometimes you just need paper, and I’d like us to continue to offer at least one copier even if it means dropping a dime now and then. At the same time, the copiers have a lot of limitations. Unlike the copiers, this scanner offers color reproduction, the ability to copy large items like maps, and it won’t break the spines of our bound periodical volumes. I haven’t experimented with advanced features, but I believe this particular machine can zoom, pan, and rotate in the advanced mode. Try it next time you’re here. It’s very easy to use, just bring a flash drive to save your documents. And let us know what you think! Is it about time for new reproductive technology at Snell?