Apply Creative Commons Licenses to Your Work with These Tools

Posted by: Hillary Corbett


Next time you’re writing a paper, putting together a presentation, uploading a video to YouTube, or updating your website, why not tell your audience that you’ve decided to expand access to your work? With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit — and only on the conditions you specify.

If you have a PC and use Microsoft Office products like Word and PowerPoint, you can get a free add-in that makes it easy to include a Creative Commons license. Read more about it and download the add-in here:

To include CC licenses elsewhere (anywhere!), the Creative Commons license chooser offers the ability to select the criteria you want your license to include and then provides you with the relevant text and an image to use (including HTML for use on the web). In addition, Creative Commons offers best practices for marking your work as CC-licensed in a variety of formats, including images and video. Sites like YouTube and Flickr also offer the option of applying a Creative Commons license when you upload your stuff.

For even more info about Creative Commons, check out their website.

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LibX upgrade, now compatible with Firefox 8

Posted by: G. Karen Merguerian


Firefox seems to be on an update tear these days. We’re glad to report that Northeastern’s browser plugin, LibX, which lets you drag and drop searches, right-click to log in to an e-journal, and find citations in our collections, is now compatible with Firefox version 8.

If you’ve already upgraded, Firefox 8 probably warned you that it deleted LibX. Of course you want to get it back! So go to our LibX page to reinstall the latest edition.

If you haven’t upgraded to Firefox 8, if you do so starting today, your upgrade should automatically include the new LibX edition for Northeastern.

If you don’t know what Northeastern’s LibX browser plugin is, or what it can do, see our earlier post with information and examples.

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Snell gets a permanent upgrade!

Posted by: Kimberly Izar


In addition to the already available group study rooms located throughout Snell, four new media:scape tables were recently installed on the first floor for all members of the University to use. These high-tech tables are an efficient, modern approach to increase effective group interaction by allowing all students to engage in the project and freely share their ideas.

So how exactly do these media:scape tables work? Each station is equipped with one or two monitors which students can use to display their laptop screens by simply plugging it into a central outlet. With a stylish layout of tables and chairs, students can both relax and communicate with one another while their group work is projected on the large monitor. Through these new media:scape tables, information is now easier to convey and display to group mates all while students are sitting in one of the comfortable ergonomic seats.

What is so unique about the new media:scape tables is that they are a direct result of what Northeastern students requested! Last fall, Snell sampled a table for about three months to observe how often students used it, if at all. The feedback that Snell Library received was overwhelmingly positive, confirming that the media:scape tables would definitely be a worthwhile investment.

These new media:scape tables offer students an innovative, learning environment, which is what the Library aspires to create. Currently, the Library and University is eager to explore more ways to utilize its study space and equipment, but these permanent stations have definitely put us on the right path to do so.

If you’ve used one of our tables, let us know about your experience by filling out our data collection survey! Click here to fill it out.

For more information about the media:scape stations, please visit here!

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Library Hours for Thanksgiving Break

Posted by: Jaclyn Rubin


Snell Library has special hours over Thanksgiving break. Please note the changes in the Library’s regular schedule due to the holiday.

Wednesday, November 23rd: 7:45am – 5pm

Thursday, November 24th – Saturday, November 26th: CLOSED

Sunday, November 27th: 12pm – 12am

Regular 24/7 Library hours will resume Monday, November 28th.

Thank you for cooperating with the Library’s scheduling changes.

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2012 Media Showcase: Call for Submissions

Posted by: Jonathan Iannone


The Digital Media Design Studio is once again calling for the submission of media projects highlighting this year’s theme, which is “Going Green” (Sustainability).

Here is the link to the flyer with contact information and submission requirements:

DMDS media showcase flyer (PDF)

We look forward to seeing everyone’s work.

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